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Main Entry: 1ed·it
1 a : to prepare (as literary material) for publication or public presentation ... c : to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose <carefully edited the speech>

The Eyes Ayes Have It

As we all know, in English, some words sound identical but have various spellings and meanings. If you accept all the “suggestions” provided by your spellchecker, ice will remain even though you meant nice, there might become their, its might become it’s, where might become were … you get the point. Technology has not usurped brainpower.

But Not All Brains
Are Alike

Are you considered a talented creative writer, but you’re not a meticulous editor? Can you understand complex technologies yet not write a summary of your knowledge without numerous wrong word choices and misspellings? Or, are you like me--so talented in one area (English) that you’re nearly dysfunctional in others (e.g., Math)? 

Born to Edit -- The Elusive Editing Gene

A talent for writing does not necessarily equal a talent for editing (and vice versa). Few people have the persistence and drive for perfection that leads to the ability to scrutinize every word on a page and enjoy (nearly) every moment. Since editing is so vital to the writing process, this is the brain you want to contract (no extra charge for the rest of the editor).

It Takes Two (or more)

Two Sets of Eyes -- When proofreading your own work, you tend to overlook your own mistakes. Your mind automatically fills in what it thinks should be there. The writer is too close to the material to be objective. A professional book editor can recognize the repetitions, inconsistencies, faulty logic, and other problems that are often overlooked by the writer.


Editing is actually part of the writing process. Don’t let your manuscript leave your possession without this important step.

Two (or more) readings. All manuscripts are checked for:



--sentence structure

--subject and verb agreement

--proper word use


--point of view






Color-coded Corrections
You will receive three files: two color-coded using Word's
tracking feature (from first and second sets of edits), and the other "clean," with all changes incorporated. This allows you to view all editorial changes/suggestions.

Nothing But The Truth

I will realistically assess your writing skills, and I’ll tell you honestly if I feel that you need a light copy edit, a heavier developmental edit, or could benefit from more formalized writing instruction (or multiple options in between). It’s also possible that I’m not the best editor for your particular project. Which leads us to …

Matchmaker ... Make
Me A Match

There are times when our schedules don’t coincide. And there are times when I feel the subject matter might best be handled by an editor with expertise or interest in a particular genre or subject area.


I coordinate a national network of professional writers and book editors. I will provide you with direct referrals if I feel another editor has the specific expertise you need or if another editor is available within your specified timeframe. Though I do an ongoing critique, point out problems, and provide instruction in embedded comments as I edit, if I feel you’d get more “bang for the buck” with an editor who’s also a writing instructor I’ll ask you for permission to introduce you via e-mail. I will always try to give you several leads so you can make your own choice. My goal is the same as yours: the best writer/editor combination.


Note: This site represents my credentials. If I accept your manuscript I am your only editor. I do not use contractors or distribute your work to others.

Additional services: ghostwriting, query letters, synopses, content development, critique/analysis, fact-checking and research, technical writing, indexing, tape transcription, graphic design, self-publishing assistance, book marketing.

Book Editing


In general, PROOFREADING involves the identification and correction of typographical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, and formatting inconsistencies. It may also mean comparing two documents for uniformity.

COPYEDITING covers the same areas, but may include grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tone, and format. A copy editor may develop a style sheet to assure that certain words and styles are used consistently throughout a document (e.g., capitalizations, use of italics vs. underlining). The copy editor may also apply a publisher's house style to a manuscript.

(moderate to heavy) seeks to achieve clarity of subject, logic, and consistency. Confusing and awkward writing may be reworked. Sentences are analyzed for structure/syntax. Long sentences may be enumerated or separated. Repetitions (wording or writing patterns) are removed or highlighted for review. Substantive content editing (big picture), copy editing, and proofreading are usually separate processes.

FORMATTING -- When required, style revisions will be suggested or implemented (e.g., page numbers, margins, headings, spacing, indentations/paragraphs, quotes, references, citations, footnotes/endnotes).

For further descriptions regarding various levels of editing and range of rates among professional book editors, please see:
Editorial Freelancers Association


Featured Books

Fiction and Nonfiction

The Reunion

"Your expertise in putting the finishing touches on the manuscript was key to getting it sold - thank you."

5 out of 5 starsVERY IMPRESSED

"Once you pick up THE REUNION, be prepared to read well into the night. Curt Autry's rich and atmospheric debut is a not-to-be-put-down book."

* * * * *

Highly recommended vampire fiction. A page-turner ! -- Lynda 

** Suzon's book was a finalist at the 2002 Independent Publisher Book Awards **


"Wonderfully personalized service. I compliment you on your friendly and prompt correspondence. With so many scam artists in the writing world, your e-mails and sample edit reassured me that I was dealing with the real thing."-- Suzon Murray.    



"Lynda has been the greatest asset to my consulting service since the debit card. She has a terrific attitude and has always been reliable and professional in spite of my ever-changing schedule. Thank you, Lynda, for living the description of excellence in customer service." (Ms. Lynn Wilford Scarborough, President -- Effective Television Communications)




"A Tale of Tolerance for children ages 4-8. The Boy with the Big Ear was born with a terribly unlucky physical appearance and a gift he was intuitively sensitive enough to use."


"...a professional attitude and approach to editing as well as good quality of work." G. Luke, President, Blessing Our World Publishers  (fiction




"You did a great job!"

Jacqueline Stanley

Published by Houghton Mifflin. 

 ISBN 1862043906

"Lynda is one of the best editors I have ever worked with!"
Vicki Hubbard; ISBN: 0966540026 (mainstream fiction) 




"Lynda, you are the consummate

professional—your editing work is excellent and your understanding of the minute details that brings out the beauty of a literary work (the big picture) was educational, awe-inspiring, and contagious. Thank you for your great editing work. I look forward to working with you again and again" Matthew Omaye Ajiake (Order from Amazon)





"I know that my book would never be as sharp as it is without the care you put into editing the manuscript."- Mark Spess. (Clay Animation)

Excerpt from Front Matter: "... in an organized and timely manner. Deborah Brown, GinaMaria Jerome, Lynda Lotman, Bridget McCrea, and Gael O'Keefe provided invaluable editorial assistance." Oracle Certified Professional Financial Applications Consultant Exam Guide. Order from Amazon



"I would not want to have to use someone else for editing. Lynda does such a wonderful job on our scientific publication. I depend on her editing skills to make our publication look truly professional." Kathy Lyon, Association of Avian Veterinarians, Publication Office. 

Excellent work. I thought I could slip a few poorly constructed ideas past Lynda (and myself), but she caught them and politely suggested their removal -- exactly what writers expect in a good editor -- M. Burton, Professor of Political Science, Ohio University

"Lynda went beyond the scope of our agreement. Her work was excellent! Consequently, my document was of a higher quality after her assistance, and I felt I had a partnership with her in the final document. She provided service beyond any of my expectations. I am grateful for the work she invested to make my document significantly better." Scott Thompson, Principal, Twin Groves Middle School, doctoral candidate, Roosevelt University




Before You Let Your Creation
Out of Your Hands

Publishing houses receive hundreds of submissions each day. The eyes of an in-house editor are trained to crush the weak and champion the strong. The acquisitions editor *might* give you a two-page reading before tossing your work into the slush pile. Many are tossed after one paragraph. 


You want the agent or acquisitions editor to be captivated by your writing, not assaulted by the usual litany of mistakes commonly perpetrated by new writers. You may have a terrific story, and even have the talent to tell it, but it's your errors that will stand out to the publishing professional. 


A manuscript should be noticed for its content and quality. Being noticed for typos, wrong word choices, fuzzy thinking, convoluted sentence structure, stiff and unrealistic dialogue, and point of view flip-flops is not the way to win friends and influence people. 

"The most important lesson in the writing trade is that any manuscript is improved if you cut away the fat"-- Robert Heinlein

Your manuscript is the result of many months or years of hard work. Before you let your creation out into the cruel world, make sure you give it the best chance for success.


Mainstream and Genre Fiction

Science Fiction / Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Historical Fiction, Jewish Fiction, Christian Fiction, Young Adult, Childrens Books

Theses, Dissertations, Biographies, Politics, Current Affairs, Jewish and Christian Topics, Humor, Creative Nonfiction (Literary Fiction)


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