Resources for readers and writers of mystery novels

Updated February 15, 2005

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American Crimewriters League  Formed in the late 1980s by a group of writers who wanted a private forum for exchanging ideas, complaining about almost everything, and trying to understand this decidedly wacky business.

Art & Science of Crime Scene Investigation - footprints in detail, suspect statement analysis and lots of other great information

Autopsy Screenwriter's Guide

Blood at the Source: Research Tips for Mystery Writers

BookWire Index: Mystery Publishers

National Association of Investigative Specialists

City of Los Angeles Home Page

ClueLass Links to articles, books, FAQ, groups, awards, events, and "opportunities" (publishers seeking writers, contests, support groups, and research help).

CopNet.org    Offers a free on-line newsletter featuring articles and columns on law enforcement subjects and issues.

Cops 'n Writers - a fee site for technical review of your work by real cops

Cops Online    Resource center for information, articles, video clips, etc.

Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute

Crime and Clues The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation.

Crime Library True crimes site focusing on serial killers.

Crime Link Connection

Crime Magazine

Crime Scene Investigations extensive info from a former investigator

Crime Spider    Searches for the best law enforcement sites, then categorizes topics so you don't have to sort through hundreds of sites.

Crime Writers Association (UK)

Crime Writers of Canada (CWC): includes many useful crime/mystery links.


Criminal Justice Resources


Deadly Pens - News and interviews with mystery and genre authors

Deadly Pleasures Links, reviews, interviews, news and more.

DeadlyDirectory  Searchable database of mystery-related topics and events.

Drug Enforcement Administration

Ebook CrossRoads - The Mystery Writing site has resources for all phases of your writing and research activities: including workshops and writing courses; information on crime scenes, forensics and the law; and much more...

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Firearms Tutorial

Forensic Archeology

Forensic Entomology    Use of insect knowledge in the investigation of crimes

Forensic Firearm Tutorial - includes info on gun shot residue, patterns

Forensic Science Resources   Crime scene investigation links.

Forensic Science Society

Garden of Deadly Delights

Guide to Lock Picking

Internet Public Library     Law enforcement resources.

Internet Resources for Crime Writing From WritersWrite.com.

Land News   From Jerry Capeci, America's foremost expert on the Mafia.

Latent Print Examination  Fingerprint, palmprint and footprint investigation.

Lectric Law Library

Legal Resources in Plain English

Life on the Beat      Here is your chance for a virtual ride along with a police officer.

Murder Inc.   History of organized crime, mainly during the early part of the 20th Century.

Murder Must Advertise Discussion list focusing on promoting one's mystery novel.

Mysterious Home Page - Links to authors, magazines, media, games, electronic texts, newsgroups, articles on characters and themes, organizations, awards, and a variety of other topics of interest to mystery readers and writers.

Mysterious Home Page: Publishers  List of mystery publishers, including several international publishers.

Mystery Connections Links to bookstores, authors, interactive murder mysteries, conventions, and "mysteryzines."

Mystery Guide

Mystery Ink Online

Mystery Net www.mysterynet.com Mystery News

Mystery Place

Mystery Readers International, NorCal East Bay (California) chapter

Mystery Readers Journal

Mystery Scene Magazine

Mystery Writers' Resources Links to resources on "agents, copyrights and legal, organizations, resources, publishers, forensics, law, guns, poisons, police, mafia, and misc. security."

Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Crime Fiction Publishers -

MysteryNet.com offers information on upcoming mystery events, games, chats, and other resources.

National Law Journal

National Rifle Association

New Scotland Yard

Officer.com   The world's most popular law enforcement web site.

on-line medical glossary

Online Mysteries

Orchard Press Mystery and Writers Links Great collection of links to mystery books, shows, writing sites, chats, organizations, research sites and more.

Organized Crime Registry   Contains articles,links and news related to organized crime syndicates.

Police Marksman - great information on the types of guns police use

Police Marksman - great information on the types of guns police use

Police Officers Internet Directory

Police Slang and Codes       Extracted from the Brooklyn South FAQ.

Police Writers Association - "Provides police writers with the knowledge, resources and networking capabilities to share their expertise with others through the written word.

Police Writers Association      Provides knowledge, resources and networking.

Police Writers' Club

Prison Slang      Searchable dictionary.

Questioned Document Analysis - handwriting and other document analysis

RCMP Official Site      Royal Canadian Mounted Police information site.

SEAMLESS WEBsite "Crossroads"

Short Mystery Fiction Society

Sisters in Crime International organization of writers, readers, booksellers, librarians, agents, editors, reviewers and teachers interested in promoting the work of women mystery writers.

Slang Drug Terms    On-line Dictionary.

Smoking Gun   Crime site using material obtained from government and law enforcement sources.

Snipercountry.com This is a scary site, but it can give you tons of practical information on guns.  You must register and abide by their strict rules.

Special Operations    Overview of SOF, CT, Hostage Rescue and scores of issues related to Low Intensity Conflict.

Stalking Victim's Sanctuary - great information on the psychology of stalkers

Surveilance & Privacy Page

True Crime  Markets, tips and articles for true crime writers (and fanatics).

True Crime Books   

True Crime Ink

True Crimes     articles, excerpts, and transcripts freely available online.

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang

United Nations Crime and Justice      Information about criminal justice systems around the world.

University of Riverside police dept

Unloved Crimes    

Unofficial Mafia Webpage - lots of information on the NY Mafia

US Marshall Service Homepage

Wiretap Law

Writing Corner     Reference and resources for crime and mystery writing.

Zeno's Forensics Page