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The Editor

Lynda Lotman possesses impeccable credentials to head a team of top-notch freelance book editors. During her 30-year career, Ms. Lotman has acquired a deep understanding of the unique nature of successful author-editor collaborations. With her experience-trained eyes, passion for clean and fluid style, and rare ability to focus intently on the job at hand, she is equally well able to help shape a manuscript’s “big picture” and fine-tune its small details (i.e., she knows just how much editing to do on a particular manuscript, when to make changes or merely suggest them, and how to enhance individual writers’ “trademark” styles without violating them).

Added to her skilled editing, her extensive educational background in written English (and her congenital hatred for typos and other mistakes), Ms. Lotman’s sheer love of good writing and her cordial people skills make her a conscientious yet easygoing project partner and website manager who’s specially adept at matching up promising writers with the editors best able to complement their styles.

Ms. Lotman has earned a sterling reputation in the publishing industry—for good reason. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering business integrity have won her the respect of her peers and the admiration of scores of contented authors. Lynda rigorously tests all prospective editors seeking to join her networks and closely monitors client feedback so she can confidently assure authors looking for editorial help that they’ll find only cream-of-the-crop editors and writers in her freelance networks.

-- Writers, Anton Marco & Cindy Jones

References / Feedback


"Lynda is one of the best editors I have ever worked with! She is extremely diligent and professional ... the public expects your work to be perfect! A+ English is the closest to perfection that an author can meet. I highly recommend A+ English!" (Ms. Vicki Hubbard, writer and publisher; author of Stories from the Heart: Chocolate Burnout and Black Butterflies--Secrets of the Past. & ISBN0 9665400-26; 2000)

"I am fortunate to have such an absorbing project to work on, and such a careful editor to help me with it. I just finished going through your formatting recommendations and your editing corrections. You were excellent at identifying the difficult parts of my translation that needed more work. Those took time to work on, and I am pleased with the results. I am grateful for your editing and I enjoyed working with you." (Mr. Robert Bailey, The Letters of Paul; 2001)


"I have never met anyone so prompt and caring in the editing of my words. Your consideration in leaving my voice has meant a great deal to me. I forgot to tell you how much I love the changes you made. The flow of the book is much smoother. I appreciate all the work you did on this. Please use my comments to help other authors find the best copyediting possible." (Ms. Shelia Jordan, author, Christian Market; 2000)


"Lynda is awesome! She made herself very available to me and always responded to my questions promptly and patiently. She made every effort to accommodate me financially proving that she is ethical and caring of her clients. I certainly hope to obtain her services for future endeavors (if she will have me)." (Karen Aaronson, Family Travel Editor, Lanier Publishing; 2001)

"Fortunately for me, I ran across Lynda's website when looking for someone to edit, proofread, and format my first novel prior to submitting it for publication. I found her to be a very talented professional whose expertise and dedication were consistently first class. She not only did an excellent editing job, but she also made several perceptive suggestions to improve the storyline. I strongly recommend her to others and plan to use her service again." (Mr. Gary Cotton, writer, Castro Valley, CA; 2000)

"As a new writer, it was important to me that my editor be patient, effective, and efficient in editing my manuscript. I found Lynda to be all those things. Her comments were right on the mark in terms of suggestions and questioning my rationale for specific terminology. I would not hesitate to use her again." (Mr. Ulric Jackson; 2000)

"Easy to work with. Learned a lot. Good comments and suggestions. I’ll be back!" (Mr. Gene L. Dowell, U.S. Navy Physician, 2001)

"Thanks very much for the quality of service you supplied for my book, Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed. I know that my book would never be as sharp as it is without the care you put into editing the manuscript. I am also very happy that you were on time as scheduled!" (Mr. Marc Spess, Animator/Sculptor, Animate Clay!; 2000)

"Lynda, I was delighted with the efficient and professional manner that my four manuscripts were handled. I will in due course submit to you other manuscripts after I put to use what I have learned (especially about punctuation) from the corrections you made." (Mr. Kevin Cahill; 2001)

"You did a great job! I will definitely use you again." (Ms. Jacqueline Stanley, Writer; 2000)

"Thanks for all your hard work. What I got back was not only tidier and more readable than what I sent off, it freed me up to worry about scene content and structure rather than the words and punctuation." (Paul Dettman, From Beyond Belief; scheduled release 2001)

"Excellent work! Really professional!" (The Literary Career of Proletarian Novelist and New Yorker Short Story Writer Edward Newhouse. ISBN # 0-7734-7628-2. Dr. Billy B. Smith, Assistant Professor of English, Ranger College; 2000)

"Lynda was very knowledgeable with the extremely confusing rules for formatting manuscripts. Her patience with numerous changes was remarkable. I highly recommend A+ English for professional, prompt, and reasonable manuscript formatting and editing." (Ms. Aliece Watts, position/employer to remain confidential; 1999)

"Very pleased with your comments and understanding." (Mr. Jack Ackert, Author; 2000)

"Lynda helped me to finish the work in time. Thanks a lot and I hope that we can do another project soon." (Ms. Irene Market, Consultant, position/employer to remain confidential; 2000)

"Your work was finished in a timely manner, it was concise and easy to understand. Your suggestions for changes were appropriate to the context of my writing and I feel that you had a good understanding of my writing style. More than anything, your willingness to work with me on a number of levels is what sold me on your service. You were always available and never hard to reach, and offered many additional resources that I could use." (Ms. Deanna Causey, Author, Christian Market; 2000).

"How you managed to make three editorial passes on a 190,000-word science fiction manuscript in a single month is beyond my comprehension. And the quality of your remarks was not compromised by your speed. I found myself constantly agreeing with your fixes." (Christopher Haviland, Diabolon, 2002)


"Lynda was a gem to work with I could reach her anytime I needed her. I would not hesitate to use her services again and again. Her encouragement has been such a major asset to me time and time again. Whenever I found myself discouraged I would give Lynda a call and my enthusiasm would return for my work." Mary Smith

"Lori and I were so pleased with the editing job you did. The book flows so much better now. We will definitely call upon you in the future!" -- Nancy Laichas, Editorial Director, Lunchbox Press (young adult fiction)

"New writers are often blind to where they go wrong, and just as blind when it comes to where they go right. Thus a novice writer is likely to learn more about the trade if the edit is stick and carrot focused, e.g. a simple ‘this works’ or that’s good or considered change is enough of an indication (without becoming a critique) that can encourage the writer to continue doing what the editor considers ‘right’ (and in Lynda’s case you can be sure it is) while, at the same time, reworking points of weakness." -- P. Gillanders, Writer, Australia, August 2004

"Excellent work which taught me a good deal." -- Dirk van den Boom, The Battle of Lagos (science fiction short story)


Journal Articles

"I could not ask for more competent work. A great job! I highly recommend Lynda." (Dr. Stanley Block, Professor of Finance, Texas Christian University; 1999)

"On a scale of one to ten, I rank Ms. Lotman's proofreading and editing skills as fifteen. Since I began using her services in 1993, I have never had a paper or article refused or rejected." (Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D; 1999)



"Lynda, You are great! I've given your card to a number of people. Because of your work, I did not have trouble with the graduate school. They accepted my dissertation with no problem!" (Annette Nolte, History dissertation, University of Texas; 2001)

"Your work is excellent, and your flexibility in working between the MAC and PC platforms was greatly appreciated. Thanks again." (Mr. Brian Luce, Professor of Flute, Eastern Illinois University; 2000)

"I sincerely praise the Lord for your professionalism. Your services have helped me so much! You've got a friend and a happy customer." (Mr. Ronaldo L. Montmann, Systems Analyst, North Broward Hospital District; 2000)

"Lynda's grammar and editing expertise far surpasses anyone in the field. She's fast, accurate, and efficient. I never worried whether or not my research papers would pass graduate review boards." (Ms. Kathy Shawl Gilpin, SMU graduate; Program Developer, Juvenile Services, Dallas, TX; 1999)

"Lynda's track record speaks for itself. She goes out of her way to help her clients and I thank my lucky stars I ran into her website." (Steve, student, CSULA; 2000. Direct reference contact on request; 2000)

"I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous help and guidance you provided me in completing this project. You were extremely professional and saved me time and, more importantly, my sanity. Your prices are extremely fair; I was pleasantly surprised. I will recommend you to anyone in need of editing and will ask for your help again when I begin writing articles for publication. THANK YOU!!!!!" (Ms. Gayle Ashbridge, Organizational Development Coordinator-Fermi2, Detroit Edison; 2000)

"You not only corrected my grammatical errors and improved the structural flow, but you gave my article the rhythm and smoothness which, as a non-native writer, I have the most difficulty to sense. I can't thank you enough for the great work you did with such a short notice." (Mr. Tatsuo Yano, researcher, Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan; 1999)

"Lynda performed an excellent job in proofing a rather long and technical document. She corrected grammar, style, and format while still allowing the ideas and concepts to come through. Lynda also saved me a lot of time and stress and it was a lot more of a collaborative effort." (Dr. Yasser Syed, Senior Systems Engineer, SpectraPoint Wireless; 1999)

"It has been wonderful working with you on this project. What a relief not to have to worry about so many details. You earned every penny in my book!" (Dr. Christine Brenner, Dissertation, The University of Texas at Arlington; 1999)

"You did an excellent job for me. It was your superb professional touch which really helped me to survive and comply with the tough/stringent guidelines of the graduate school. Again, thank you very very much for your willingness to help me in the middle of your very busy schedule. I will strongly recommend you to any student." (Dr. Rangadhar Dash, Dissertation, The University of Texas at Arlington; 1999)

"I just wanted to let you know that I got an A+ and that I was one of 5 people out of a class of over 200 who got an A. You really have a great service and excellent people skills. I really appreciate what you have done for me." (Ms. Nicole Young, Student, Boise State University; 2000)

"Apart from her professional assets, Lynda's best asset as a person was her communicating skills. During the few weeks that we worked together, Lynda has always been at the other end of the e-mail / phone line when I needed her help, regardless of time or day. I always felt that I was welcome to disturb her, even during the last few days before the deadline (her busiest time!). I will definitely recommend her to anyone." ( Hélène Delaperche-Walker, Anthropology thesis, University of Texas; 2001)

"Ms. Lotman's efficient and educated approach to my work was invaluable. She saved me countless hours of frustration!!" (Dr. Peggy Kulesz, Dissertation, The University of Texas at Arlington; 2000)

"I thought Lynda was great! Any questions I had Lynda answered them that day and most times during that same hour. I saved a great deal of time and stress using Lynda's services and would recommend them to anyone!" (Teacher, Everett Washington School District; M.A. Thesis; 1999)

"I could not have met all my deadlines without Lynda's help. I will definitely use her services again and recommend her highly!" (Ms. Bonnie Lappegard, Probation Officer, Tarrant County CSCD; M.A. Thesis; 1999)

"The best thing about working with you was your accessibility through e-mail in the middle of the night, only several hours before the papers were due, when I needed help so badly." (Student, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan; 1999)

"Lynda's assistance made the very stressful time of dissertation completion much less overwhelming. Her help was invaluable to me." (Dr. Judy Graham, Clinical Supervisor, Dallas Independent School District; 1999)

"Lynda's editing and proofreading services were invaluable to me. She was always accessible, prompt, and highly proficient. She gave me peace of mind in submitting a critical project in my academic progress. I highly recommend her services to anyone." (Ms. Sherrie Sucher, Ph.D. Student, California Coast University; 1999)

"Lynda not only made the required changes, she really made the copy sing! I would recommend this service to anyone!" (Ms. Lani McCormick, Executive Director, Society for Manic Depression;; 2000)

"I would recommend this service for Air War College students or anyone else. I found the service patient and responsive." (Mr. Sid Krimsky; employer to remain confidential; 1999)

"I greatly appreciate the feedback I received from you when I had questions regarding the editorial process. You were always quick to respond and very helpful."  A. Brading, Vice Principal, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD, doctoral student, University of North Texas, August 2004

Lynda is an outstanding editor, extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. The UTA graduate school was hard pressed to find any corrections on the mechanical check of my thesis. Lynda's work is fast and accurate, a winning combination. She is the first and only editor I will ever recommend." Guy S. Soifer, English/ESL Teacher, Arlington Independent School District (Texas), 2004

"You took the stress out of my dissertation! I could concentrate on the content, knowing you would take care of the editing details. The best money I ever spent! Thank you !!" Susie Wolbie, K-8 principal, Levine Academy, Dallas, Texas. Dissertation for the University of North Texas, College of Education


"Lynda Lotman is a professional proofreader/editor who (thankfully!) understands financial industry terminology, and has since gotten me hooked on her excellent proofreading and editing skills. When I finish a set of focus group minutes, I send the Word documents to Lynda before any internal approvals take place. Lynda sends back a highlighted list of mistakes on the original document as well as a "clean" set of minutes. Not until I incorporate the changes do I feel fully confident in posting the minutes to our Web site." (Mr. Glenn Kranis, Focus Group Facilitator--ADP)

"Lynda has been the greatest asset to my consulting service since the debit card. She has a terrific attitude and has always been reliable and professional in spite of my ever-changing schedule. Thank you, Lynda, for living the description of excellence in customer service." (Ms. Lynn Wilford Scarborough, President -- Effective Television Communications; 1999)

"We tried many online editors and received horrible results. I'm glad that I gave it one more shot (Lynda was recommended to us by one of our clients). Lynda is the greatest and always comes through! What we call a major project, she considers a piece of cake. I highly recommend her for any project." (Mr. Mike Stickles, VP of Technical Services, DMM Tek Services; 2000)

"It is truly a pleasure working with Lynda. She is responsive, accurate, and constructive. She brings value added to word processing assignments by going beyond simply putting words on paper. She thinks -- asks good questions, and uses good judgment." (Mr. Robert Wyatt, Principal -- R.S. Wyatt Assoc. Inc.; 1999)

"The very best service I have used. Lynda has a great attitude towards her customers." (Mr. Don Casselberry -- Sales Manager, Coty-A Division of Pfizer; 1999)

"Lynda, your spirit was uplifting. Your work was terrific, on time, thorough, and very much appreciated. Professional, I think, is the appropriate word." (Mr. Elwood McDuffie, Director of Human Resources, Southwest Neon Signs; 1999)

"You constructed a resume for me in Dec. for a case management position. I wanted to thank you. It not only got me an interview a week later, but it also got me the job. A good one at that." (Mr. Thomas Johnson, LVN; 1999)

"Thank you very much for your care, concern, and kindness in addition to the implementation of your excellent professional skills. Your service was much more than I expected" -- Gary Clark, Clark Planning & Investment Advisory

"I really appreciated the way that, unlike some editors, you managed to keep my 'voice' while you edited the work. I also found the comments highlighting words and objects that didn’t fit the period extremely helpful. And, looking at what you’ve highlighted, I can see where I’m going wrong, which will help me improve my writing in the future. Everything reads really well now. Thank you very much." Alexandria Thomson, Amast (historical fiction)

"Overall, on re-reading the edited version of my manuscript, I can see how greatly improved it is over the original version. You were able to cut the chaff out of the novel, while preserving the integrity of the characters, story, and my individual writer’s voice. I’m very happy with the way it turned out. I think you helped me to turn it from a basically good story to a saleable manuscript." -- Robin Clevenger, A Fair Trade (literary fiction / science fiction)



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