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Please send a minimum of 10 pages as a DOCX file. Remove complex graphics. A sample edit consists of 1 to 3 pages and is intended to demonstrate my editing and communication style (e.g., you'll see my ability to find problems and catch mistakes and view how I actually make changes and use comment boxes to explain my edits, ask questions, instruct new writers, and point out issues that the writer should address). The sample helps us determine if we're a good editor/writer match. I only perform sample edits on submissions I intend to consider, but I won't leave you without any assistance--see #10 below.


You will be given a PER WORD (aka "no surprises") quote, which will help you calculate the exact cost of your editing project.

Along with your sample, please provide answers to the following questions (as applicable):

(1) your name and phone number (in case I have questions about your manuscript or your e-mail bounces)

(2) word count

(3) deadline date

(4) level of editing desired (e.g., light/proofreading, medium/copyediting, or heavy/developmental)

(5) number of charts/tables

(6) style manual (Turabian / Chicago / APA / MLA, etc.), if applicable

(7) number of footnotes/references

(8) if you're submitting a fiction manuscript, please include the genre (e.g., "sci-fi," "thriller") and a short summary of the story

(9) What is your editing budget (please be specific): $ ______________

(10) If we have a subject matter/timeframe/cost mismatch, may I forward your sample to several editors listed at Book Editing Associates in order to help you make a better match? (See Matchmaker section on front page)

(11)  How did you learn about my service? (e.g., name of web site, name of search engine, agent's name, publishing company, referral from a previous client).






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